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Here are the top ten articles for the Drama TV Site! These rankings are live and get reset at the beginning of each month, so check back often to see what your fellow visitors are most interested in!

1. Fashion House and Desire on My Network TV
New channel, new dramas.

2. Bones Season 2 Finale Leaves Us With Questions
Bones finale leaves us with such questions as: Will Zack be returning next year? Where did Angela and Hodgins run off to? What's next for Bones and Booth?

3. Dexter On CBS
The award winning Dexter comes to CBS. What are you missing?

4. What is Drama
What separates drama television from other genres of programming? What is it about drama that keeps viewers tuning in week after week to find out what will happen next to their favorite characters?

5. Law & Order CI Back with a Bang
The Major Case Squad is back for the summer season. This time Goren and Eames may not be on such great terms. The summer premiere saw the Dynamic Duo at odds again, but this time it was serious.

6. Fresh Drama for Summer
Cable television is taking over summer with fresh dramas popping up throughout the summer months.

7. Vampires on Television
Vampire Diaries vs True Blood

8. ER Gears Up for Last Season
The 14th Season Finale of "ER" left us with a lot of questions and definite proof that the show is coming back for 15. What's in store for the last season of "ER"?

9. House Season 4 Finale
If you missed the season 4 finale of "House", you'll want to see this recap. The two-part finale dealt a heartbreaking blow to a show favorite and left us wondering how next year's dynamic will change.

10. CSI Warrick Brown Avoids Jail Time
Gary Dourdan, who played Warrick Brown on CBS hit "CSI", avoids jail time with a plea after being charged with drug possession.

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