House Season 4 Finale

House Season 4 Finale
The last few weeks of “House” were aired on Monday, instead of the usual Tuesday 9 PM timeslot, so you may have missed the season finale. It was a two-part episode titled “House’s Head” and “Wilson’s Heart” respectively. And as is usual with any “House” episode they were filled with anxiety filled twists and turns.

House's Head

The two-part series starts with Gregory House confused, bleeding from a head wound, and inside a strip club. He doesn’t know what’s going on, until he goes outside and sees a massive bus crash. He realizes that he was on that bus and has a brief memory of someone being seriously ill. The problem is that he can’t remember who that person is. He’s got to find that person and help them no matter what the cost. Of course, he’ll do anything to solve his puzzle and he doesn’t care what rules he has to break to find the answer.

He can’t decide who the sick person is, so he goes through different passengers, diagnosing them with different illnesses and is ultimately disappointed. All he knows for sure is that someone needs his help. The bus driver didn’t have leukemia and none of the passengers had meningitis. Finally, Kutner suggests that they try hypnosis to unlock whichever memory House can’t quite grasp. While hypnotized, House speaks with different passengers and watches replays of what actually happened on the bus. He wonders what’s wrong with the driver, who admits to being paralyzed. When he wakes up the team starts a series of tests to find out what is wrong with the driver. As House is suffering from his recent injury, he finally diagnoses the driver with an air bubble in his heart. In a dramatic scene, Thirteen uses a needle to get the air bubble out of the driver’s heart, thus saving his life. This solves the question of why the accident happened, but House still insists that he saw someone on that bus exhibit symptoms of a serious illness. He needs to find out who.

He asks his staff to pin pictures of the accident victims to their shirts. He wants to recreate the scene prior to the accident. He starts to take Alzheimer’s medication to send his memory into overdrive and then has another flash when looking at the photo pinned to Cameron’s chest. House has a hallucination that the woman who is sick is asking him what her necklace is made of. He finally realizes who the woman is- Wilson’s girlfriend, Amber. Suddenly, he’s back on the bus when the accident is happening and is watching Amber fall. Then he remembers that her leg was hurt and he put a tourniquet on it. When his memory is taking him to the point where he’s walking into the strip club, House wakes up to his team trying to revive him from a heart attack. He tells Wilson who was on the bus and the team rushes to the other hospital to see Amber.

Wilson's Heart

In “Wilson’s Heart”, Wilson and House go to the other hospital to identify Amber, whose kidneys were irreparably damaged during the crash. They then decide to bring her back to Princeton-Plainsboro where she can receive the best care. On the way to the hospital, her heart starts racing out of control and House works to bring it down to normal. Wilson suggests that they take her core temperature down, stop her heart and put her on a heart bypass until they find out what’s wrong with her. House agrees and they literally put Amber on ice.

The rest of this episode deals with House trying to both find out what’s wrong with Amber and help Wilson be the “family of the patient” instead of the doctor. Throughout the episode, House dreams of Amber in different states of dress. She suggests various diagnoses to him and offers him clues to what’s really going on. His hallucination leads him from one place to another until finally he agrees to undergo a dangerous brain operation to find out what else happened that night. During the deep brain stimulation, Chase uses electric shocks to stimulate House’s memories.

House remembers that he was drinking at a bar when the bartender took his keys. He then called Wilson to pick him up. Instead of Wilson, though, Amber shows up. She explains that Wilson was on call and that she didn’t want to bother him. House buys her two drinks before she decides that he’s had enough. On their way out the bartender says that someone needs to pay him. Amber lets go of House so that she can pay and House goes off without her. Right before the bus is set to leave, Amber climbs aboard with House’s cane. He remembers that she mentioned that she has the flu and sees her taking medication for it. That’s when he realized what’s wrong with her. She’s got poisoning from her flu medication because she lost kidney function in the accident. Without functioning kidneys, the medication can’t be passed out of her system. Now, even with dialysis, the medication will stay in her system, causing massive organ failure. It’s binding with the proteins they’ve given her and there’s nothing they can do. At this point, House begins to have a seizure and he goes into a coma.

Wilson and the team realize they need to say good-bye. After they warm her up and wake her, Wilson goes in to tell her what’s going on. She knows it’s the end. The rest of the team comes in to say goodbye and Wilson lies with her until the end. Finally she says that she’s tired and that it’s time. When Wilson says that he just wants a few more minutes she tells him that they’ll always want a few more minutes. They tell each other “I love you” and Wilson turns off the bypass machine.

Finally we see House, who is still in a coma, sitting on a very white bus with Amber. They discuss the fact that she’s dead, but he’s not. He has to go back. He mentions that it’s too painful and that Wilson will hate him, but Amber says “You can’t always get what you want.” So, he gets up and gets off the bus. Amber fades away and House wakes up to see Cuddy lying in the chair beside him.

Finally we see Wilson staring at House before he walks away. He’s obviously torn up as he goes home to lie on his bed. As he curls up in grief, his hand touches a piece of paper that’s been placed under her pillow. It reads “Went to pick up house. A” The scene fades out as Wilson weeps.

“House” didn’t end with a cliff hanger, but fans will want to come back in the fall anyway. What will the dynamic between Wilson and House be now that House has taken away everything from Wilson? It’s not just $20 here and a sandwich there. Wilson has put up with a lot from House, but how will he handle losing the love of his life because of his best friend’s selfishness?

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